• very K I N D

    Frankfurt am Main 2015 I am interested in poetical irritations, which sometimes are not easy to understand. The technique is thereby mostly very simple. It’s not important how it is made, but what emerges from it. It’s about the feeling, not the mind. The picture should act for itself, it can irritate, maybe also disgust and fascinate, but there should no need to explain. KIND is the german word for child. I want to play, to create and to see what happens. I am inspired by my son, who has his own independent understanding of the world, he is totally free by dealing with things, there is no customary habits of seeing and perception, no instruction, the only thing that matters, is satisfaction of doing. Often I am very surprised about a picture I made and most of the time, I am not sure, where an Idea, a try come from, it’s the creative process which I love. To create out of itself, or out of what ever. And maybe we don’t always have to know and understand everything, maybe we just have to relax and enjoy.